International Marketing

It is widely accepted that corporate strategies are more than ever influenced by internationalization. But there is no consensus about what that means in the individual case. Without a high-performing sales regime and internationally harmonized marketing strategy, even state-of-the-art technology is of limited use. International market leaders are almost all proven pioneers in communication. Competitive companies that more effectively harness growth potential, reduce costs and finance R&D investments also rely on their international market profile.

Important for medium-sized business

European Economic and Monetary Union and the fast pace of globalization in world trade are fueling the internationalization of marketing strategies and methods and a greater awareness of national contexts. That's not only true for multinationals, but also for SMEs.

T&P specializes in the conception and realization of international marketing programs. To ensure its consulting services are always up-to-date, the Agency regularly engages with its specialist consulting committee that includes internationally qualified experts in marketing theory and practice.